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floraPell® represents a new dimension of natural nitrogen and potassium supply in plant.

The effects are convincing.


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Product features:

  • ecological multifunction fertilizer with long-term effect (until 10 month)
  • 100% organic and renewable without foreign additives and chemicals
  • soil loosening by swelling effect and water storage (up to 3.5 times its own weight) down in the soil
  • emedy acidification trends in soils of pH about 8.8
  • good handling through punctual and low-loss dosage under or around the root ball


floraPell® is particularly suitable for :

  • fruit and ornamental trees                                           
  • vegetables
  • potted and ornamental plants


Our natural fertilizer derived from sustainable sheep farming

  • no mass animal husbandry
  • no slaughter
  • no antibiotic residues
  • no biochemistry


floraPell® is listed as an eco fertilizer in the resource list for the organic farming of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) Germany e.V..

Top offers
5er floraPell 5kg Sack 6mm

5er floraPell 5kg Sack 6mm

134,93 € *
5,40 € per 1 kg
floraPell 2x 450g

floraPell 2x 450g

7,98 € *
8,87 € per 1 kg
floraPell Vorrat 2,5kg Eimer

floraPell "Vorrat" 2,5kg Eimer

16,96 € *
6,78 € per 1 kg
floraPell 2x 450g

floraPell 2x 450g

7,98 € *
8,87 € per 1 kg